IPS is a global leader in building creative, innovative solutions to complex shot peening problems. We've developed easy-to-use, premium, configurable and custom shot peening machines that are built to last. Over many decades, we have partnered with some of the top companies and organizations across the globe to develop systems that solve their unique problems. Learn more about taking control of your manufacturing with IPS.


Seamless Integration

Sophisticated systems with robotic tending integration to boost productivity that are incredibly easy to use and program.


Precise Speed

Purposeful, automated motion helps to achieve minimum cycle time.  Flexibility in speed range of tooling path reduces wasted time.


Ease of Use

Let us work to build you the exact solution you need...no more, no less.  IPS is a long-term partner whose machines are designed to be programmed and operated by beginners yet offer world-class sophistication and performance to meet any specification or part size.

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Why Bring Shot Peening In-House?

Shot peening can be intimidating but our machines make it simple and cost-effective.

1) Take control of your process to improve quality assurance

2) Reduced lead time from in-house production

3) Automation and Robotic Tending Integration boost productivity in a tight labor market

2) Short payback period (<18 months on average for IPS customers)

4) Lower operating costs and IPS can help manage capacity issues

Our Machines

CNC Indexing Turntable Shot Peening Machine

Rotating loading mechanism machines for repetitive, high volume applications that demand quick and accurate processing.

CNC Rotary Table Shot Peening Machine

Flexible for a host of applications to realize low cycle time, quick setup times, and precise nozzle-to-part motion control.

Highly Customized Shot Peening Machines

When you have an incredibly unique part, we have a solution and will work with you to build exactly what you need and nothing more.

Service Offerings

With decades of experience with leading companies, IPS has been recognized not only as a premier manufacturer of shot peening equipment, but also as a service provider for industries including aerospace and aviation.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, you can trust IPS has the rigor in place to consistently deliver world-class machines on-time with the communication and customer service you need.

IPS is also an Authorized Fanuc CNC System Integrator and Fanuc America Authorized System Integrator for Robots.

Learn more about our Fanuc certifications and what that means for you and your manufacturing needs.

Crafting solutions to complex problems across a host of industries.

Innovative Peening Systems has designed shot peening and abrasive blasting machines and equipment for and with world-class organizations in a range of industries, highlighting our innovative designs and easy-to-work-with team of experts.

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