For 22 years, IPS has helped companies across the globe manufacture better, stronger components with our premium, built-to-last shot peening & abrasive blasting machines, parts, and shot peening machine services. Learn why some of the world's top organizations trust us to build their shot peening and abrasive blasting machines.


World Class Precision

When precision has to be exact, IPS is one of only a few companies globally that can deliver.

Fast Build Times

With an average turn-around time of 16 weeks from quote to delivery, we do in weeks what our competitors take months to fulfill.


Superior Support

We provide exceptional service before, during, and after your build (with preventive and predictive maintenance plans) so you’re never on your own. We even provide peening services until your machine is delivered.

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Why CNC Shot Peening?

Shot peening enhances parts in two ways.

1) It relieves tensile stress, which can cause parts to fail.

2) It introduces beneficial compressive residual stresses on a component’s surface, which increases the resistance to fatigue failures and stress corrosion cracking, thus lengthening the lifetime of the component.

Our Machines

CNC Indexing Turntable Shot Peening Machine

Highly automated machines for repetitive, high volume applications that demand quick and accurate processing.

CNC Rotary Table Shot Peening Machine

Uniquely suited for a host of applications, and offer fast part processing, fast setup times, and precise nozzle-to-part motion control.

Custom Shot Peening Machines

When our standard shot peening machines don’t fit your application, we can custom build a solution to fit any part.

CNC Retrofits and Refurbishments

We offer CNC retrofits and refurbishments for out-of-date systems. Let our experts update your HMIs, restore the life of aging equipment, and save you money from costly replacement parts.

Our Services

With more than 22 years experience, IPS has been recognized, not only as a premier manufacturer of shot peening equipment, but also as a shot peening service provider for industries including aerospace and aviation.

We are a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator.

Learn more about our certification and what that means for you and your manufacturing needs.

Creating incredibly strong components in a host of industries.

Manufacturing facilities in a host of industries throughout the world trust Innovative Peening Systems’ shot peening and abrasive blasting machines and equipment to create the strongest, most reliable parts.

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