CNC Retrofits and Refurbishments

As a manufacturer of custom CNC machines, our team of experts are able to retrofit or rebuild any CNC machine you might have.


Greater Cost Savings

A retrofitted or refurbished machine cost much less than a new machine.


Extended Equipment Life

Updating outdated controls and systems can extend the life of equipment that is still functional.

Onsite Installation

IPS can install your retrofit onsite, reducing equipment downtime.

Give Old Equipment New Life

Maintenance on outdated equipment can result in critical equipment downtime, and expensive labor and replacement parts. In addition, an equipment failure from a dated, worn part can damage other critical equipment. Our CNC machine experts can provide retrofits, refurbishments, and replacement parts that extend the life of your equipment, reduce energy consumption, increase equipment uptime, and extend the operational lifespan of your existing CNC machines.

In addition, we can provide these services on location, making it easy and efficient for your operation.

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