Non-Ferrous Alloy Coating Services

Advanced protection for parts in cyclic high-temperature and corrosive salt environments.

Thermal Stability, Excellent Adhesion, Great Flexibility

Because of its high temperature capabilities, our coating provides excellent protection when exposed to cyclic high-temperature and corrosive salt environments. The coating gives sacrificial properties at temperatures to 1150°F. We use a ceramic coating that combines thermal stability, excellent adhesion and hardness, along with good flexibility.

Salt Corrosion Protection

Our ceramic coatings offer salt corrosion protection to 1150°F. Tests have been conducted using low carbon steel alloys, in which there was no loss of weight after several weeks of continuous exposure at 1000°F. After exposure to 5% salt spray for 1000 hours, there was no evidence of corrosion.

Superb Thermal Shock Resistance

The coating-formed composition offers superb thermal shock resistance. The coated material will not crack, spall, or fail after shocking from 1100°F to room temperature repeatedly.

Alseal® Coatings

Long ago, IPS recognized Alseal® as the highest quality leading manufacturer of aerospace coatings. Their inorganic ceramic binders allow the Alseal® line of coatings to endure the most extreme temperatures and environments that exist in stationary and aviation gas turbines.  The protection and resilience of Alseal® coatings have led to most major turbine manufacturers requiring its use.

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