CNC Auto Grind Machines

IPS CNC Auto Grind Machines provide faster cycle times, a reduced labor burden and a safer work environment. We have been manufacturing highly custom engineered solutions for the aerospace, medical and auto industry for over 20 years. 

Our automated grinding centers have been engineered with our client’s unique parts in mind. Built to provide decades of service but also featuring leading technogical solutions. With the current labor strain in the market and the need to still operate safely and reliably with fewer skilled resources at your disposal, our machines have been designed to make the grinding process as easy and seamless as possible. 

Standard Features

Additional Options

  • Offline programming
  • Auto tool changing
  • Auto tool wear program modification
  • Standard fixture included
  • 3 parts programmed included
  • Custom fixture design
  • Laser scanning to detect pattern shift and true position
  • Part programming services
  • Real time remote merged reality help for problems
  • White glove delivery

Examples of suitable applications

Finished Pump Housing
Municipal Castings
Ductile Steering Knuckle
Aluminum Die Casting

CNC Auto Grind Machines
Built to Provide Decades of Performance

Our auto grind machines provide a safer, faster, and more efficient way to grind castings, forgings, and other cast parts. Standard sizes are available, and we also provide custom solutions for unique applications.

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